“Storypowered is an extraordinarily creative company that understands how to uncover the ethos of a company. We needed a fresh perspective outside of our internal resources to help us find the strategic story for where our new product was heading. Bill Borg and his team listened to us and took a “deep dive” into our culture, challenges, and vision of our future and helped us uncover the new Marriott core brand story. It was a rewarding experience on every level with the additional benefit of creating excitement and fresh ideas from our internal team that lasted long after Storypowered had completed their mission.”

John Ruble VP, Global Sales Operations

Dear Mr. Oz, Bill, you will have to excuse my sense of humor, but you and your team are more than marketers.  You help communities like The Headwaters at Banner Elk with brand repositioning…find their hearts.  Quite often, Developers successfully create beautiful communities and amenities, however, we’re so focused on the body, we forget the heart.  Your team through product immersion, research, and prudent listening, helped create the heart of Headwaters promoting it until its sound became the beat of Headwaters drum marching us toward more sales and lifting owner moral to the point we were bestowed the first time ever the award of Best Mountain Community by Real-estate Scorecard website.  Always know you are welcome home to Headwaters because it was you and StoryPowered that helped create our home. Thank you again, Bill.  You helped Headwaters get its Mojo back in this market, which is no easy feat.

Tarry Crockett, General Manager Headwaters at Banner Elk

“The CCRC industry is one that serves some of society’s most endearing people – – the senior population. The people of this generation have gone through some of history’s most tumultuous times and continue to do so in these economic times we all face today. In developing marketing tools to accompany retirement community marketing plans, it is important to reach the seniors to educate them about the retirement living option that is best for them – – to help seniors and their families understand that in today’s world there must be a plan in place for all the days of their lives. Bill Borg and Storypowered have accomplished this through powerful campaigns; uncovering and creating the core stories and brand repositioning. Through all phases of branding, dynamic imaginative ad campaigns, personalized direct mail pieces, e-mail blasts and targeted script writing for radio ads as well Storypowered gets it and does it in fresh creative ways. Through their own initiative, Storypowered has sought to truly understand the individual communities and residents of each in order to create messaging and collateral that is distinctive for each community. So much of the work being done for senior living communities looks the same or seems to use the same language. Storypowered understands seniors, their families and the retirement community industry and it shows beyond measure in their work. When working with our teams, they listen, hear what we have to say and passionately design what will speak to the targeted audience. They deliver the end result we are looking for and stand ready at a moment’s notice to help us brainstorm solutions. You will not find a more creative and innovative engine than Bill Borg & Storypowered.” 

Maria Frank Spectrum Consulting

You and your team at “Storypowered” are the best I have worked with in my 30+-year professional career. Simply saying you think  “Out of the box” doesn’t do justice to what you do. The first thing you did was to help us define our box. Than your team did a masterful job helping us build our story and core brand.  Storypowered is a brilliant mix of great creative and technically proficient minds that helped to create and execute masterfully. You did everything you promised and cost efficiently when compared to a media campaign created in bits and pieces.

Scott A. Gillespie, Director of Development WXZ Development

When we first started working together at Creston I mentioned one of my biggest challenges had been showing the properties in Creston’s final phase (III) where the majority of the Developer’s remaining inventory sat. This area was near the bottom of the mountain and didn’t have an identity. Also, most of our clients would come to the top of the mountain views to meet me at the community center, get in my vehicle, and then travel back down the mountain to Phase III. It was very anti-climatic to say the least. With a fresh set of eyes your team immediately went to work re-branding phase III into Kestrel, designing an entrance statement, logo, and creating a new cottage collection naming it the Nesting Collection. We quickly received two full-price offers that closed last autumn and now both couples are breaking ground this September with year-round residences. Magically, the least desirable became the most desirable. Your teams recommendations to changing the order of the sales presentation by meeting clients in our Black Mountain office and working our way up to the community center and designed a sequence of events for the team that made sense.  It has become a game changer for us. By realizing market and economic trends your team created a new story and vision for the community, which spoke and attracted the right clientele. The new media and online strategies culminated in more responses in a four month period then we have ever had even at the peak of the real estate market. Your market analysis has been spot on. The attention we get from your team and especially you have been impressive. Thank you for all your help in refining our Creston brand and presentation so now that we are overrun with wonderful new Buyers the pieces are in place to take advantage of our stability in the marketplace. Its working and we are grateful!

Corey Atherton, Project Manager Creston

“It has been my pleasure to work with Bill Borg and Storypowered over the last several years. As a creative director and principle agency owner for the last sixteen years and a Graduate of Ringling School of Art and Design one of the premier programs in the country, I can say from experience it is rare to meet this kind of mix in an individual. Bill brings not only the business savvy and strategic leadership but also the creative and idea generation abilities to each and every project I have had the pleasure to work with him. It is rare that I see a marketing consultant of Bill’s stature able to get down in the creative trenches and his willingness to banter ideas in a way that is always positive and productive and creatively charged. I would recommend an opportunity to work with Bill and his team as it is an experience and energy few others bring to the table.”

Bill Donohue, President Fuel

“As Southminster’s Health and Wellness Director; I was introduced to Bill Borg from “Storypowered” by our marketing department where his team has created dynamic change handling Southminster’s ongoing creative. Storypowered had been commissioned to develop marketing materials for our new Home Care agency. Storypowered’s enthusiasm for telling the story was evident the first time we met with them! Their attention to every detail that my team shared with them became the cornerstone for the creative work his they achieved for us here at Southminster. They truly listened! My team really was inspired to tell them our story.  What was initially a project to develop a marketing brochure for our new Home Care service; blossomed into an incredibly innovative brand and story for all our Health and Wellness programs and services. The whole process created a spree décor with my team putting a face and voice on the hard work they do everyday. He coined the name “ Embrace” to include all areas of care, service and well being that Southminster takes pride in accomplishing every day with our Southminster seniors. StoryPowered took a truly unique and original approach for defining luxury retirement and our health care philosophy. We could not be more pleased.

Mary Cooper, Director of Health and Wellness Southminster Retirement Community

“It is my utmost pleasure to recommend Bill Borg and his company Storypowered Inc for both his personal and professional skills. Bill’s temperament, personality, attitude and character are clearly visible. Bill’s talents are holistic in our industry, which has become more crucial than ever, given local, regional, national and global conditions. Bill and Storypowered embrace the creative culture while enforcing and facilitating brilliant marketing strategies. Their storytelling and rebranding abilities and powerful vision are relentless. Storypowered’s years of diverse creative experience and unwavering will, prove themselves both strategic as well as in daily operations. Needless to say, I would be personally willing to meet, discuss or correspond with anyone interested in Mr. Borg and his extremely creative company Storypowered”

Robert J. Duffy, Vice President Biltmore Farms, LLC

“With over 25 years in the advertising business I would be hard pressed to identify a more creatively gifted individual than Bill Borg. Effective marketing communications, in my opinion, all comes down to what’s on the page, does it identify with the prospect and motivate them to act. This magic happens when the brand gems, the truly distinctive core of the product and what it means to the target personally, is identified and communicated in a compelling manner. A lot of companies make the mistake of jumping into their creative and marketing, promoting tactics and features without the foundation of identifying their story first. StoryPowered has a rare ability to access the product, its attributes and distill it all to a core distinctive story and communications strategy that is magnetic. If I were a client I wouldn’t think of beginning my marketing initiatives without seeing what stories Bill and StoryPowered could come up with first”.

Jeff Goss, President The Goss Agency

“Bill Borg is one of the most talented, creative, innovative and collaborative people I have ever met. His ideas and drive to execute them are second to none. I have sat in his marketing and sales trainings and I don’t think you will meet another person who can capture someone’s attention like he does. He can get a sales team fully engaged and bring them to another level in their sales ability. He is amazing with customers as well as his philosophy is to always take care of your customer and it has paid very large dividends over the years for him and StoryPowered. He really and truly thinks outside the box and his entrepreneurial spirit enables him to look at things with another set of eyes and bring a start-up company or marketing and sales campaign to a full-fledged success. I would recommend him to any company and anyone should be so lucky to have him bring their company or organization to another level.”

Rebecca Teets, Project Director South Florida Resorts, Marriott Vacation Club International

“Bill Borg is one of the most talented and creative visionaries in our industry. He truly understands where this industry is now, along with a solid insight as to where it’s headed. Energy, knowledge, creativity and foresight, these are only a few of the things that come to mind when describing Bill. Bill and his team at StoryPowered are truly leaders in this industry and experts with their finger on the pulse, and an understanding of its future.”

Dean Anderson, President Summerset, Inc