Brand and Story

There’s a story behind every great brand

“Picture a stone hitting the surface of a calm pool…waves rolling out from the epicenter. The waves are the brand message resonating out from the core story – touching, disrupting and changing everything in its path.”
Bill Borg

Your story should have a singular goal. All content in your website, your marketing materials, social media and other communications should lead towards this goal. That’s what we do – focus on your goal.

Until people understand your religion, they can’t become evangelists

We design and develop the story your clients, donors, fans and friends should follow to get there. And, we know that the path a millennial takes is distinctly different than the path of a baby boomer. Yet, they should all arrive at that same loyalty moment, that same commitment to your brand, that same emotional connection supporting your story. Then, we help you keep them there.

A brand is a trust mark

Your brand is one of your company’s most valuable assets, no matter how large or small your organization. Tom Peters says that “a brand is a trust mark, its shorthand, it’s a sorting device.” Think for a moment about some of the great companies…their brands are the shorthand for their product. Your brand is how people think about you.

Clearly define your brand and story first

We believe that you clearly identify your brand and strategic story first…this is the most important thing you can do for your company. Once created, the brand platform and core story drive the design of everything that follows. A new website shouldn’t create your brand and story. On the contrary, your brand and story should drive the design of your website. The website is the vehicle to communicate your brand voice.

We craft brand experiences that customers respond to, embrace and fall in love with

From uncovering the strategic story, to developing the brand platform and strategies, our team specializes in identifying and establishing the most compelling brand positioning; evocative, memorable, and unique.

Thoughts on Brands

A Brand is like a club, a movement, it can become a revolution, your secret weapon, your crown jewels, your good name, unique voice, and reputation.

It can be a love affair, a cult, a tribe, a religion, an idea, and a status symbol and give something meaning.

We want to join them, talk about them, “like” them, pay more for them, advertise them, trust them, have a relationship with them, even worship them.

A brand can become nostalgic, memorable; remind us of precious moments we want to recreate.

We express ourselves with what we buy, the neighborhood, the car, the purse and the shoes.

Brands can grow and spread, evolve, adapt, rise and fall…and can become instinct.