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Pan Mediterranean Restaurant and Wine Bar
Asheville, NC

Re-introducing an iconic Biltmore Village restaurant with a fresh perspective.


Rezaz, located in the Biltmore Village area of south Asheville has been a staple of the restaurant scene for 16 years. The new owners, formerly employees; pastry chef and line chef, stayed true to the original vision of the restaurant while testing new recipes for the first few years. A major expansion/renovation was on the not too distant horizon, and the owners wanted to reposition… freshen up their message, website and other brand assets to speak to the new menu and significance of food while still paying homage to the original owners vision. They called on Storypowered to help.


In a town revered for its culinary scene, how do you make a restaurant stand out above the noise authentically? The restaurant was doing well but had room for improvement. The owners didn’t feel the story spoke to who they were, the special chemistry that created cutting edge Mediterranean food. With the upcoming renovation and expansion, they wanted to assure a build up, and successful grand opening and beyond.

Cracking the Code

Through a brand immersion, a deeper understanding of where they had been, their attempts to market and brand themselves became clear. Their vision for where they wanted things to go was defined along with a competitive analysis and an international search of what other noted Mediterranean restaurants were doing. Important was identifying that everyone we talked to loved the restaurant but for some reason hadn’t been there in years. An ownable brand platform was created, with storyboards and a presentation Zen powerpoint, to excitement and applauds.

The new voice and feel were integrated into all touchpoints. The team took over the social platforms, deployed a focused digital marketing campaign to reignite local interest, repositioned the website, signage and new print campaigns.


Photography – Video
Marketing Plan
Social Media Management
Digital Marketing

Be surprised…be seduced…leave happy.

Brand Story

Rezaz, inspired by its original owner with his passion for the flavors of Persia, the Middle East, and coastal Mediterranean, is where Laura, a classically trained pastry chef, worked beside Brian, a local chef on the Asheville scene. They fell in love, bought the restaurant, and now passionately celebrate their vision for Pan Mediterranean cuisine.

Where they come together, sparks fly, creating one of Asheville’s most delicious and romantic dining experiences…


Facebook Advertising
First 6-months
104,000 targeted people reached on Facebook Ads
10,370 clicks to the website
96,257 post engagements
89,000 video ad at $0.05 per view
90 new page likes

Google Adwords PPC
4,746 clicks to the website
95,752 Impressions
Average Position 1.8 on page one

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