Our Lab

Perched on a hill in the old Blue Ridge Studios complex, flanked by Highland Brewing and Troy and Sons distillery, The Creative Distillery exists to bring ideas to life. Here, our brands are distilled with notes of originality, strategic story delivery, arresting undertones of wit and surprise, hints of cultural relevance with a smooth successful finish.

Let’s Take Their Breath Away!

Our Style

The disruption Herman Miller and his gang caused back in their day is the perfect backdrop to stimulate and encourage our brand of insanity. Our distillery pays homage to midcentury modern; Swan Chairs, Eames Rocker, Nelson Bubble Saucer chandelier (all in MOMA) and a massive original four piece, 1950’s Frank Sinatra series sofa. It is beyond cool.

Deep Purple Pixel Passion

Ideation Room

The Ideation Room was designed from the ground up for charrettes, think tanks and brainstorm sessions. There is no artwork on the walls…no distractions from the energy at hand. Whichever client the team is working on becomes the room’s decor. 65” flat screen, massive whiteboard, giant pegboards, red leather chairs all create a baseline for us to find our clients perfect pitch. Our team thrives in it and our clients love it.

In a world full of solo artists and one-offs, the Creative Distillery is a solid competitive advantage for us. It is a center for creativity and where Asheville’s most talented people come to work play.

Feeling Inspired?