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Bob Timberlake Cottages and Cabins

Timberlake Designed Cottages and Cabins
Marion, NC

Bringing A Rustic Vision To Life


Linville Falls Mountain Club negotiated a deal with the Bob Timberlake group to create the Bob Timberlake Cottages and Cabins. Bob Timberlake and the Timberlake family celebrated 100 years in home furnishings in 2013. Bob’s grandfather founded and later incorporated Piedmont Furniture Company in 1913. This year marks Bob’s 50th year at High Point Furniture Market. Storypowered was chosen to bring the vision to life.

Cracking The Code

Storypowered, took a deep dive into the Bob Timberlake story, gallery and furniture offerings. Interviews with Bob, reading his works and embracing the man and his vision, all helped define the foundation for the strategic story, voice, and visual palate to guide the website design.

Working closely with the Timberlake leadership the team brought to life a brand that played homage to the rustically inspired vision. A series of cottages and cabins designed and furnished by Bob Timberlake came to life in a mobile-first website design, billboards, storyboards, collateral and online marketing.


Digital Marketing

Brand Story

Comfortable, Casual, With a Touch of Elegance

Bob Timberlake designs & creates spaces where families can come together in settings of comfort and beauty…places called home. Bob’s offered his take on the American sense of style for the past five decades, captivating people around the world with his art, his books, his furniture, and his life. A renowned American realist painter and Naturalist, Bob Timberlake has taken the details and textures of rural North Carolina and translated them into a lifestyle that reflects the beauty and honesty of simple living.

Here in the scenic North Carolina mountains, Bob Timberlake collaborates with Linville Falls Mountain Club to creating a series of rustic cottages and cabins designed with beautiful interior spaces. Bob uses a palette for the furnishings that harmonizes with nature, using earth tone colors found in the area, creating a sanctuary with the surrounding nature. The result is nothing short of deserving his signature, which each home will have.