Our Brand Positioning Agency

Through research, planning and audience segmenting, our branding experts will guide you, make recommendations, reposition your brand voice and story, and help you deliver your brand benefits to your customers strategically.

Using the Right Branding Strategy

The intention behind brand positioning is earning the interest of your customers. We evaluate your existing brand, your customers, your competitors, and your efforts to communicate your message, to help identify your company’s most valid claim, your company’s most differentiating claim, and your company’s most motivating claim. Storypowered will help you develop the right brand strategy to stand out, and remain competitive with other brands in your sector.

Our Brand Positioning Strategy Includes:

  • A brand audit helps us determine the current state of your brand
  • Evaluate your competition’s brand positioning
  • Research to identify your points of differentiation through our Brand Process
  • Develop your brand platform creating your guiding light moving forward


Finding Your Voice

At Storypowered, as a brand positioning agency, through passion and a disciplined methodology, we will help you identify your authentic voice, strategic story and unique value. Through our brand process, we identify your strategic story and core messaging, brand differentiation, brand pillars, and targeted markets.

Ready to Reposition Your Brand?

If you have questions about our brand positioning strategy, please contact us for more information. Initiate an effective positioning strategy for your company, call us at 828-450-2551.


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