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Marriott Vacation Club

A Global Vacation Ownership Company
Orlando, Florida

A new story for a new day


Marriott Vacation Club International (MVCI) was a wholly owned subsidiary of Marriott International with over a 1.5 billion in annual timeshare sales. The division had undertaken a whole scale change of their core timeshare product, moving from a deed-based ownership in the traditional sense, to a point-based product. The greatest concerns for Marriott were the 400,000 existing owners worldwide embracing the change. 40% of annual sales were attributed to owner referral.

Secondly, the buy-in of the global sales force. The brand narrative and new story needed to be strategically communicated to them giving them the tools they needed to plug into their presentations.

Third, MVCI sales galleries worldwide would need to be updated to communicate the new story.

Last, the new story had to set well with stockholders and Wall Street.


MVCI’s internal creative team collaborating with Marriott International’s creative team were working with a highly recognized global agency to reposition the brand story to launch the new product. The results had been frustration. The recommended repositioning and story weren’t right. Numerous attempts were rejected. Marriott reached out to Storypowered to help.

Cracking the Code

Through focus groups, owner brand surveys, a comprehensive understanding the culture, product, how the changes would impact the product usage, and a brand immersion, the Storypowered team uncover a number of strategic brand platforms to build and communicate from. Working closely with the MVCI leadership team brainstorming and rewriting the core brand story.


The collaboration produced a place, an ownable brand narrative and a story that once introduced was embraced by both project leadership and the general sales force. The new brand platforms were incorporated into MVCI sales presentations and global sales centers. The power of the new story had an immediate impact on the divisional sales, continuing to rise to record levels over the next 24 months.