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Expand your Town’s online presence

The rules have all changed and towns and cities are feeling the pressure to update their brand, websites, social media strategy and communications platform bringing their community’s unique attributes into the public eye…and the 21st century.

Towns compete with other places for capital investment, talent, attention, and visitors. The stakes continue to be raised with the online revolution, social media explosion, flight to smaller mobile devices and technological advances. Add to this, the recent financial uncertainty, the impact it has had on real estate investment, the general psyche of the public in defensive mode, and the necessity of a strategically exciting offering, tactical plan, and clear messaging has never been more vitally important.

The road less traveled

Through a bit of archeology and anthropology, Storypowered Marketing Agency explores the road less traveled, turning over stones looking for interesting truths that can turn mere data into insight, and a little-known town into a highly sought after brand. The Brand Platform, once developed, identifies and demonstrates the value and potential value of your town. We then gain consensus and buy-in creating a strategically right story about your Town. An authentic story big enough to attract investment, captivate and attract future resident interest, talent, and media attention, causing the influencers and communicators to embrace your Town’s vision, becoming evangelists for your community.

The Promise

Your Town’s brand experience becomes the promise of the value the public is seeking and manifests itself in the scope of innovation, physical and economic plans, attraction programs, events, advertising, communications etc. –  the total integration of all of its elements. The brand and story become tools of recruitment at all levels as it lives and breathes in all communications and the hearts and minds of all involved. Very exciting…

Storypowered, the leader in Asheville advertising agencies, has built a reputation on taking a fresh exciting approach to town and city branding. We help Towns and Cities stand out and be noticed.

So what’s your Town’s story?


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