Asheville Social Media Marketing 

Being antisocial is no longer a risk you can take. Social media can be a powerful marketing tool, bringing together your business and your customers. We create authentic and real-time communication that engages your customers with carefully selected social media strategies. Speak directly to the people who care about you creating dynamic outcomes.

Social Media Management Services

Professionally managed social media has become an integral part of a strategic marketing plan, truly a marketing channel, supporting your business objectives. Through the power of storytelling the complexion, style and unique differentiation of your brand has the opportunity to fully express itself through social media. We help you find, engage and grow your audience, reaching them strategically with compelling and shareable content; ideas, story, product, and thought. 

Why Storypowered?

We have a dedicated social media team that actually teaches our techniques and best practices to businesses. As social media experts, we stay on top of the latest trends and technology. We understand memes, hashtags, mash-ups, microblogging and landing page strategies – so you don’t have to. As important, we are a full-service advertising and branding agency. Our collective talents and experience weigh in on every client’s work. With a full in-house studio, we help you create engaging photography and compelling video with our dedicated team. The power of video has revolutionized social media platforms. 

Asheville Social Media Management Services

Successful social media management should be considered an integral part of your company’s overall strategic marketing plan. As a leading Asheville Social Media Agency, we have the industry experience, latest tools, and finger on the pulse of changing algorithms, to help you target audiences, connecting with those communities when they are online. Based in Asheville North Carolina, we know the competitive landscape intimately, but because of the nature of online, we effectively manage and build audiences for clients across the country, developing a social media strategy that produces results.

Social Planning

Through discovery, we take the time to understand you, your business and goals. This is the most critical factor. We determine and make recommendations on the right social media advertising strategy to maximize your reach. A customized package of services is created to promote your content and drive measurable results, working with your budget.

Our Social Planning Includes:

  • Social Audit
  • Brand evaluation
  • Customizes social package 
  • Scaled to business
  • Identify targeted audiences and channels based on research
  • Design an actionable plan

Social Media Services

We provide a full suite of social media management services including:

Pushing The Mush

One of the main focuses of social media is consistent brand awareness. We affectionately call this “pushing the mush”. When people think of a product, service, restaurant, community etc.….who comes to mind first has everything to do with having your brand top of mind. Staying on top of your social media feeds, keeping them active and engaging your customers takes real time and dedication. Social media is a fluid landscape; constantly changing and morphing into new ways for people to communicate and share with each other.  We ride those waves for our clients, always in the know. The power of engagement is measured and analyzed, creating a “reach” that can be very impressive.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing takes your social platform strategy to the next level. It is the most cost-effective way to connect with your target market online. With the latest tools, we can target, geo-target and deploy focused campaigns that drive your message into the social feeds of potential clients. Through retargeting, anyone that visits your website will also receive your digital campaigns. We are digital experts on all major platforms, including Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google. 


Social Media Marketing


If you would like to find out more about how our social media management agencycan help your organization, please reach out to us. Initiate and deploy an effective social media strategy for your company today, call us at 828-450-2551. 


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