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As any marketing or branding expert knows, there are a variety of wise methods for driving traffic to your site. But what do you do when paid search traffic and display advertising just aren’t delivering the results you expected? This is where organic search engine results come into play. If you are beginning to code your pages, you’re in luck—this is the best time to implement SEO best practices that will ensure your pages rank higher in search results.

Last month, Google’s webmaster trends analyst, Martin Splitt, unveiled the top 3 things web developers can do to achieve better search rankings. However, before you can optimize your site, have your web developer make sure your page is visible to search engines so their bots can observe your page content. To get an idea of where your page appears in search rankings, access Google Search Console, and use Fetch as Google tool. Once your web developer has verified that your page can be crawled and indexed, they will be ready to implement these 3 strategies to help you achieve better organic search rankings.

Write Your Content With SEO In Mind

The Top 3 Things Your Web Developer Can Do For Better Search Rankings

The Top 3 Things Your Web Developer Can Do For Better Search Rankings

One of the most crucial aspects of a site, as it relates to user experience and SEO, is your content. In addition to the actual content, this includes things like the meta description, title, images, links, and more. That’s not just a tactic from the Asheville internet marketing playbook either; content is your visitors’ first point of identification, so do what you can to ensure that it is as engaging and descriptive as possible without being overwrought.

Both Google and Asheville branding and marketing experts agree that crafting engaging content is vital for SEO for two reasons. The first is the user experience: users care more to remain on your page if it contains information they want to interact with. Splitt phrased this as “Content that serves a purpose.”

Two, the keywords and phrases used therein will help users find your site in the first place. Here, Splitt recommended understanding how your target audience uses specific phrases when they are searching for content:

“So you want to make sure to serve the purpose of the people who you want to attract and get who you want to interact with your content, and you want to make sure that you’re using words that I would be using… If you use a particular term for your ice cream… let’s say like Smooth Cream 5000… I’m not going to search for that because I don’t know about it. I’m just going search for ice cream.” In a nutshell, you want to write your content as if you were one of your customers as opposed to using a bunch of jargon that only tech professionals would understand.

The Importance Of Meta Data

Many entrepreneurs neglect the importance of metadata in achieving higher organic search results. While you should certainly consider hiring a branding services agency to ensure that your metadata is in all the right places, here are some tips so you can be sure of what is going on.

First, optimize the title tag. This is the most crucial component of on-page SEO, as it is the best way to tell search engines that your page’s topic is relevant. This is precisely why you want to use your most important keyword at the beginning of each title. Additionally, be sure that the tag is capped at 60 characters, including punctuation and spaces.

Next up are meta descriptions. While these have no direct impact on page ranking, they are still used to determine a page’s topic. Further, when combined with title tags, meta descriptions comprise a portion of your search snippets. All in all, a concise meta description will help your click-through rate, which is something search engines love to see.

Finally, use the robots meta tag to let the search engine know whether or not they can index or follow the links on the page. Using this meta tag will prevent search engines from using links on third-party sites to index your pages. Additionally, be sure your web developer adds “nofollow” to the content section. This tells Google not to index the page and comes in handy when you do not want to pass a value or if you are using paid links.

Optimize Your Site’s Performance

Splitt admitted that “site performance” could pertain to many things, including security, navigation, and speed. Anything that facilitates a seamless experience whenever people navigate your site. Additionally, Splitt noted that an optimized site results in higher visibility, significantly increasing your chances of being discovered in search results.

If you are looking to optimize your site to achieve better search rankings, consider hiring an Asheville branding and marketing agency like Storypowered. When it comes to Asheville internet marketing, they are second to none. Their team is comprised of branding and marketing experts who know what it takes to elevate your SEO game to the next level. They understand that developing and nurturing a brand is as much an art as it is a science. As such, they will do everything in their power to help your brand reach its full potential.