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Fanfare is the name of the game when it comes to having an impact with your product launch, but you will need a solid strategy in place to successfully reach your goals. Here are a few factors to consider when planning a winning strategy for your upcoming product launch.

Start Working with Your Branding and Marketing Partner early

How to Create a Flawless Product Launch StrategyThere’s just no substitute for early planning. Time is the one thing you can’t get more of when it comes to planning for a product launch, so think carefully when you set your drop date to make sure you have ample time to get all of your marketing and promotional pieces in place.

It’s always best to assume there are going to be setbacks and delays along the way and work this into your overall timeline for completion. This will help to ensure that you aren’t down to the wire with your deadline, so you can kick off your product launch with confidence.

Don’t forget to factor in early marketing buzz. Take a page from Apple’s playbook and consider early influencer posts and demos to get people excited well in advance of your launch. You should also think about working pre-sales into your product launch strategy, if possible, to increase early sales and elicit a sense of FOMO.

Specify Your Audience

Naturally, you want everyone to buy your product, but you can’t market to everyone. You need to pick a specific demographic that your product is most suited to – the audience that’s already looking for what you have to offer.  You have to convince these people to choose your product over competitive goods.

Once you and your Asheville internet marketing firm have narrowed the focus to a target group, you’ll want to determine what, exactly, you’re offering them. What problem are you solving or need are you filling with your product? Understanding your audience is a key component of creating a successful product launch strategy.

One good option is to communicate with your audience. With ongoing social media efforts, you have the opportunity to connect with your target audience and learn about their wants, needs, problems, and preferences. This not only helps you create products that fulfill a need, but also strategies for a product launch, branding, and marketing efforts that speak to your audience.

Simplify Your Marketing Message

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What do you want to say about your product? Many companies make the cardinal mistake of spelling out all the ways their product is superior to competitor’s products, but this can be a dull and lengthy message that bores your audience. You need to simplify your message to quickly engage your audience.

Suppose you’re selling a mattress. You could talk about the textiles, the springs, the dimensions, and other aspects of the product itself, but what you’re really trying to sell is comfort and a good night’s rest. This is what you want to stress with your product launch.

Consumers have other avenues to access specs. You and your branding services agency want to impress upon them that their restless nights are over when they purchase your product. From there you can create a clear call to action that compels conversions.

Host Branding Events

If you really want to make an impact with your product launch, plan a major event around it. Press releases, publicity, and promotions leading up to the launch are great, but when you become known for hosting massive press events every time you launch new products, you not only create a new level of hype, but you essentially put your money where your mouth is.

The caveat, of course, is that your branded product launch events have to impress. Grabbing everyone’s attention with an event is just step one. Then you have to put on a show that enthralls guests and compels positive promotions for product you’re launching.

This will require both planning and budgeting, but it can serve to create a lot of attention for your product launch. You’ll want to work with your Asheville branding and marketing partner to determine the scope and strategy for your event in order to get the most bang for your buck.

Create a Cohesive Effort Across Channels

It’s important that your product launch and the marketing and promotional efforts involve jibe with your overall marketing and branding strategies. You have to remember that any single product is only a small part of your brand and the long-term strategy to develop an image, a reputation, and ongoing patronage.

Making sales following your product launch is essential to recouping costs for development and manufacturing, but you can’t lose sight of your long-term goals in the process if you want your brand to endure.  When you collaborate across channels, you and your branding services agency can create a product launch strategy that plays into your long-term goals and supports your company story.

Plan for Follow-Up

You and your Asheville internet marketing firm can do a lot to drum up interest and even stimulate pre-sales leading up to your product launch, but this can’t be the end of your efforts. If you’re not planning for follow-up, you’re leaving sales on the table. You need to reach out to your audience following your product launch to gauge the temperature of their response, remind them of your messaging, encourage renewed interest, and ultimately, make more sales.

With an intuitive and experienced branding and marketing partner on your side, you can create the flawless product launch strategy that helps you to reach your goals. Contact Storypowered now at 828-450-2551 or via contact form to learn more.