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Let’s face it: There are a lot of brands out there. Tons. Gobs. Heaps. Oodles even. As of this year, there are more than 30 million small businesses in the US, plus countless larger companies. It’s a congested, and noisy, marketplace.

Of course, you aren’t in competition with every business in existence. But no matter how narrow your particular market may be, chances are—given the sheer numbers involved—it’s still plenty packed and loud. In fact, within each niche, most brands are completely lost in the crowd. And these days, perhaps more than ever, they’re drowning in the sea of sameness.

Marketing’s Herd Mentality

What do we mean by that? We mean that to the majority of customers, looking from the outside in, the businesses within a category are entirely indistinguishable from one another. Interchangeable. For example, Nice Family knows that Ice Cream Shop A sells ice cream and so does Ice Cream Shop B. The buck stops there. What makes them pick one over the other could be as simple as proximity to their location at a given moment. Sometimes they go to A, sometimes B. They aren’t loyal to one. And if Ice Cream Shop C opens a block from their house, and especially if they offer a lower price, then both A and B have lost Nice Family as sometimes-customers for good. Forget converting them into regulars.

Why does this happen? Is it because they aren’t marketing themselves? Actually, we find that it’s quite the opposite. That it’s in part because of a herd mentality in marketing. Often these businesses do spend time and money on their marketing efforts. But, they’re using ideas and tactics that started out unique and potent yet have been copied and overused so much that they no longer pack a punch. They’re all trying to stand out in the same crowd by doing the same thing. By being in the same trendy neighborhood. By offering the same trendy flavors. By labeling themselves in the same way: as artisan, gourmet, farm-fresh, craft, local, you get the idea.

Go Your Own Way

Given the volume of competitors, all with access to the same digital platforms and a world wide web full of the same marketing tips and tricks—not to mention ho-hum, run-of-the-mill marketing agencies—you simply can’t afford to be a brand follower. You’ve got to be a brand leader. You’ve got to invest your time and energy into determining your authentic brand identity, or your brand story (read our past post about the power of storytelling here). Therein lies your chance to be truly unique and to stand out in the sea of sameness. Therein lies your chance to connect with customers who will be as passionate as you about who you are and what you do. Then, once you’ve hit the nail on the head, you can’t whisper your brand into the ether. You’ve got to shout it from the rooftops.

Sound daunting? Let us help. We aren’t your typical branding agency. Dare we say we’ve got a pretty badass raft and we’re floating in our own sea?! We certainly aren’t afraid to be bold, and that’s what modern branding calls for. At Storypowered, we help brands become disruptive and engaging. We give you an unfair brand advantage.

Call us today to learn about our branding process, rather “our insanity,” which makes us fearless leaders in the field. And ask us about the variety of services we offer to ensure your messaging is heard over the clatter.