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A multi-faceted approach to marketing is the best way to cast a wide net and draw in new customers, and this means utilizing every tool in your branding arsenal. This includes both virtual and real-world marketing techniques, from modern web design and targeted social media efforts, to broadcast and print advertising.

One great way to attract customers in certain venues is with the use of attractive and compelling brochures. How can you create a stunning brochure that truly sells your brand and your products? An experienced branding services agency can help you to nail down a design strategy certain to get you to your goals with a few important steps.

Know Your Marketing Goals

What is the purpose of your brochure? Naturally, you want to use it as a delivery vehicle for information about your brand, your products, or new innovations on the horizon.  However, you really need to pinpoint what you hope to accomplish with your brochure. Are you looking to attract a new audience or reengage previous customers?

Is your end goal to see an uptick in website visits? Memberships? Sales? All of the above? Once you know your goals, you need to nail down how this brochure is going to help you accomplish them. How can you use this format to speak to your target audience?

You not only need creative elements geared toward reaching goals, but also aimed at eliciting desired reactions from your audience. A lot more goes into creating an effective brochure than you might imagine, and an experienced Asheville branding and marketing partner can steer you in the right direction.

Stay Abreast of Design Trends

The last thing you want is to create a new brochure that already looks outdated. Unless you’re going for a popular, retro vibe, you don’t want to appear to be hopelessly behind the curve in terms of design. Eye-popping graphics that surprise and delight viewers are going to engender the best response, so you need to work with your Asheville branding and marketing partner to take advantage of current and forward-thinking trends to design a relevant and timely brochure geared toward grabbing attention.

Stick to Your Branding

With the help of a talented branding services agency, you have the best opportunity to convey your brand message and build on your brand identity with appropriate brochures. Reaching specific, short-term goals with a marketing device like a brochure is ideal, but you also need to consider how it fits in with your long-term branding strategy.

You never want to win a battle only to lose the war, so resist the urge to go off brand just because something is trending. Make sure your design choices support both your short-term messaging and long-term branding strategies.

Carefully Consider Every Element

A lot of components go into creating an effective brochure, and they must all work together seamlessly to deliver a complete customer experience. You might put a lot of thought into your copy, colors, fonts, and other graphic elements, just as you would for online content, but don’t forget that a brochure is a tangible item.

You have to consider the impact of components like the paper stock you use, the size of the finished product and how it is folded, how colors transfer to paper, whether you want elements like embossing or cutouts, and so on. All of these considerations can influence user experience, play a role in the opinions formed about your brochure and your brand, and impact reaction. If you want your brochure to produce targeted results, you need to collaborate closely with your Asheville internet marketing partner to ensure every element contributes to accomplishing your overall goals.

Don’t Get Too Technical

Most business owners can wax poetic about their products and services all day, but you don’t want to bore your audience. A brochure is a bite-sized introduction to your brand and your products and you want it to spark enough interest to draw the audience in without inundating them with so much information that they start to feel like they’re cramming for a quiz.

Simplifying concepts and paring down data is essential to creating a brochure that catches audience interest and encourages further investigation. To some degree, you want to use strategic marketing to create the opportunity for questions so that viewers have a reason to visit your website and learn more.

Deliver a Clear Call to Action

The best marketing copy and visual layout and design in the world won’t help you to sell if you don’t make your expectations clear. Your copy should contain calls to action (CTAs) that compel readers to take specific steps that give them the opportunity to reach their goals (learning more about a product or service, for example) so that you can reach your goals (encouraging further interactions, patronage, etc.). Your Asheville internet marketing partner can help you to create clear and concise CTAs that give you the best chance to accomplish your goals when creating brochures.

If you’re looking for creative assistance with online and print marketing, contact the experienced professionals at Storypowered today at 828-450-2551 or online to learn more.